Snapshot from an unexpectedly vivid region | BuSH 2017

We were running through the second season of Budapest Showcase Hub & focusing on how Eastern European bands can succeed in front of an international crowd.


Acute Dose /// Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


The importance of Budapest Showcase Hub (BuSH) was pretty obvious even prior to the beginning. This is one of the greatest opportunities to make contact with bands from all around Eastern Europe. We were there to see what could they give us and what did they do to repay the organizers.


Spoiler alert! As you could see, the Grand Opening at Wednesday made a strong start (as it was supposed to) so look around in our gallery, HERE!


Thursday night started at eight o’clock, which is quite early for the people who work in the music industry. The Lithuanian singer, Alise Joste might have felt it, but she tried her best to entertain us and she did. Looking around – every night – I’ve mostly seen people working as journalists, label managers, brokers or musicians in a band. I think the biggest challenge for the BuSH – or showcases –  is to make the event more successful among people who just go to concerts to enjoy them because they need to meet those amazing bands. All of us who were there did enjoy it, but the real party feeling is not something associated with a showcase.


This point, we need to say thanks for the organizers. The three places were so close to each other, so it was easy to access. This really made these two nights more comfortable.


Straight Mickey and the Boyz /// Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


But let’s start at Instant with Straight Mickey and the Boyz. The guys from Belgrade were the only ones who looked like they give a shit about where they were. I mean at the start, they started a bit late and seemed to not care about it. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but they were the only ones who did it. But they gave an awesome gig, although I think this was the most unprofessional one, however, the feeling that they created was awesome and as time passed they gradually became better and better.


I guess, Croatian band, NLV was the one band who really suffered because of the shortage of a real audience. The singer was kind of begging us to make some noise but she didn’t seem to be successful. Anyway, the gig was great, I love those songs, and the act that Nikol put on with her moves was amazing.


NLV /// Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


Polish band, Lor gave the first gig that I’ve seen at Kuplung, and I had ambivalent thoughts about it. ThTheirongs are great – no question –, they are unique and nice, but the performance was too much, a real sugar glaze. Maybe it’s their age but I think they will (they’ll have to) improve a lot in this area.


Lor /// Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


Acute Dose from the Czech Republic was one of the bands that didn’t really got me via youtube. But their live show, Jesus! It was fascinating, they had one of the best gigs, I am really glad that I had time to see them because it changed my whole perspective about them.


Just like byron. I quite liked them when I’ve been listening to them but I have to say, they are also far better live. It was one of the most professional shows of the two days, every single note was in the right place. The Romanian band really made a great gig, at least that I’ve seen. When they come to Budapest next time I will be there.


byron /// Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


I couldn’t see the whole show because of Dope Calypso, blame it on them. It was the first performance which properly filled the Robot, I guess that’s called the benefits of the home ground. Their gig was awesome as I waited for it, it was more like a real club concert than a showcase performance. Besides them only two other band were able to make an atmosphere like that. One of them just came right after Dope.


WET RED was the winner of Thursday night, this Russian band was mind-blowing. The whole performance was so complex and so much to see, that I couldn’t even notice anything else. I just stood there, with my mouth open and could do nothing but to enjoy the show. At the end, more and more people came (which also might be just because the security at that point of the night just disappeared), everyone who were in the place was welcomed, I am glad because like this more people were able to learn the name of this band.


WET RED /// Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


I would say Friday was more energetic than Thursday, and my first target, The Black Room from Croatia was the most instinctive band during the BuSH. I can say this band was great not because of composing every single minute perfectly but their vibe was more than cool. They just looked at each other and they knew what to do.


After them Persons from Porlock lead us through a psychedelic route, but after three songs it was more or less the same for me. They were not visionary enough to make their music unique but anyway it was enjoyable and I think real fans of psychedelic music did like it. (My editor-in-what guy next to me mentioned it was cool.)


After a Slovenian band, a Slovakian one came and the Tolstoys were pretty amazing. Not just the incomparable songs, but the scenery and the usage of the instruments. Violin, bass, keyboard, everything, and what is more important, combining them in a nice way. Great job, absolutely amazing gig.


Lazer Viking from the Czech Republic was the band I was waiting for and thought of them as an energetic performer. But not. It was more like an artistic performance, it was awesome in a way but I was expecting something more. I don’t know what, but I wanted something more. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I need to see them again, now that I know what am I supposed to expect. His music was still amazing, and it was a great gig anyway, and I am really glad that I had the chance to see them.


Photo by Hikisch Gergely / Ígéretes titánok / Promising Titans


The last concert was coming all the way from Budapest, and Deep Glaze – the band which won our Song of 2015 contest with their single, ‘Shadow’ – was the one which closed this event the best way possible. Their gig was not a showcase kinda stuff, at least it looked like it was an insane sold out club concert with a crazy crowd. The way how they performed their songs was amazing, even though it wasn’t the best gig of the BuSH, it was the biggest party for sure.


This is how we felt when Europe came to Hungary, it was more than a regional event. This is something Europe really has to care about, because every single person who’s working here, from an artist to an organizer, made this event so great, that at least for three days Budapest was the centre of the (Eastern) European music. And this is something. So, carry on, see you next time!


EDITED by Károly Gergely


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