Eastern European madness is coming, here’s our compilation | BuSH 2017

Budapest is going to experience one of the biggest events in the music scene of Hungary on Wednesday. Let’s see who will make this 3-days special. Warm-up.



The best way to prepare your soul and body for Budapest Showcase Hub (BuSH) is to listen to each and every song of the bands but I guess you don’t have the time for this. In this case, here you go, this is our list of places we will visit during this week.


First of all the Grand Opening on Wednesday – 15.11.2017. at Akvárium Klub, which is just gonna blow your mind! A definite must-go.


Let’s move on to Thursday and start the evening at 8.20pm in Instant with Straight Mickey and the Boyz and let them take you on an adventure to Belgrade and destroy all your walls. They are special not just because of their energetic rock’n’roll music wh but also because of their language. However, you can still enjoy their gig for sure even though you have no idea about the lyrics.



Then we have to move to the Robot at 9pm to see NLV from Croatia. This trio with the eclectic indie/blues music can make something unique that grabs you and won’t let you go. I just realized that I finished their album so fast without even noticing how long it was. And that’s something.



And the last gig on Thursday is coming all the way from Russia by WET RED, something really interesting with a kinda glam rock feeling. They also have really impressive visual aid, so we guess on the stage of Robot at midnight something will happen that we don’t want to miss for sure.



After a bit of rest on Friday, we have to start the night at 20.20 in Instant. It’s The Black Room. Not just the name but the music itself is also pretty similar to a band named like The Black but for us, it’s not important. This underground band from Croatia will entertain us in a way which every Friday night deserves!



After this amount of concert, our body should be rested and what could be a better option for this than a Tolstoys concert at Kuplung from 9.40pm? Their music is very fresh and the Slovakian formation is more than chill, rather emotional. This means we’ll have more energy for the rest of the day.



The last performance what I really want to recommend is Lazer Viking from the Czech Republic. Recommend is not the word I was looking for but I really would like to ask you to go to the Robot and see the rock star of our age. This indie artist would be the biggest one of the 70s, it’s an unfortunate thing that we’re living in different days. I will be there as a real fan, I really want to see what he will do because I think he’s gonna make in beyond the region in a few years. This guy looks a real artist, I hope that the demand will meet the expectations.



I didn’t mention any Hungarian artist but I can tell you that if you visit any Hungarian bands’ gigs it will blow your mind. Here is the full-time schedule of the locals:


Ivan & The Parazol (15.11.2017 – Grand Opening – Akvárium Klub)

mïus (16.11.2017 – 22.40-23.40 – Kuplung)

Dope Calypso (16.11.2017. – 23.00-0.00 – Robot)

Middlemist Red (16.11.2017. – 23.40-0.40 – Kuplung)

Blahalouisiana (17.11.2017. – 22.40-23.40 – Kuplung)

The Qualitons (2017.11.17 – 23.20-0.20 – Instant)

Deep Glaze (2017.11.17 – 1.00-2.00 – Robot) – They won our Song of the Year contest in 2015.


I really hope that you gonna love it and I did not mention any band, which is covered in the schedule I mentioned here. I would like to mention one anyway, at least check it out online, Lor from Poland – they will play 16.11.2017, Thursday from 9.40pm at Kuplung.



Soooooooo: If you wanna come, you can check BuSH’s participants, schedule & tickets HERE. Plus Grand Opening Show at Akvarium Klub on 15th of November with Ivan & The ParazolKamp! (PL) and Noëp (EE) finds HERE.


EDITED by Károly Gergely


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