Hungarian Menu for Foreigners: Drop the Goulash and Go to Budapest Showcase Hub

Today’s the day, Budapest Showcase Hub is about to begin. It doesn’t matter where you come from to Budapest, we have many Hungarian bands to show. Check’em out.



We have already recommended some foreign bands for the Hungarians, but what about the foreigners who came here? It doesn’t matter if you come just because of the BUSH or you are here during these days because your British friend is havin’ a bachelor party 😀 You will have to see what the Hungarian music venue offers if you really want to feel the Hungarian spirit. Music says more than the ‘must’ touristic places. You won’t regret it I can promise because only the best bands can make it to a showcase festival.


Antonia Vai: Thursday 21:30, Instant

Antonia is a Hungarian-Swedish singer-songwriter, but more importantly, she is someone you have to listen to. She is going up to a stage and invites you on a spiritual journey and you will go with her for sure. You have no idea where you are heading, I guess she doesn’t know it either but you will enjoy the road I promise. She already played around Europe, she visited Asia and played many gigs in showcase festivals as well and she will be performing in Eurosonic in 2019. Sounds quite nice, right? Go and check her out.


Antonia Vai – The Witch (live session)

Live session of ‘The Witch’, a song from Antonia Vai’s album ‘Ritual’. THE BAND Guitar – Akos Günsberger Double bass – Marcell Gyanyi Drums – Miklos Kovacs Recorded in Budapest by Nano Film.

Bohemian Betyars: Thursday 23:50, Instant

Are you happy? That’s cool then go and dance. Are you sad? Okay, so go and dance. That’s the main purpose of the Bohemian Betyars. The real Hungarian spirit is in their veins and they can make you feel like you are a Hungarian as well. Forget everything just go crazy with them and you will have a great time. They almost played all around the globe and spread the positive energy to every country where they’ve been. So why not see them tonight?


Bohemian Betyars – Trouble is my brother // Lyrics Video

Bohemian Betyars – Trouble is my brother / hivatalos lyrics videó. A dalt 2017 ben adta ki a zenekar a csavargó című nagylemezén. //Csavargó around the World // Ha innen töltitek le az albumot, azzal támogatjátok a zenekart a következő nagy célunk elérésében: Youtube csatornánkra ide kattintva tudtok feliratkozni: Shop: Dalszöveg: Trouble is a brother who’s quite like me, Craving and waiting in the dusty agony, Quite like me..

Mörk: Friday 22:50, Instant

They just arrived home from a German mini-tour where they played in jazz festivals. Oh, I see, you don’t really a fan of jazz. It’s okay because they don’t really play jazz. They play funk and soul and psychedelic music and maybe jazz sometimes. If you can stop moving during this concert for more than a minute I will buy you something and I will call you crazy. They are touring all the time and during this. They also made an incredible EP which released two weeks ago. You have to check them out, I mean, definitely!


Mörk – Doubt

The first single release from ‘The Death of Mörk’, out on October 31st!

Jónás Vera Experiment: Friday 23:50, Instant

After Mörk doesn’t try to move. Wait for the magic to happen, because of another Hungarian woman with a power of Genghis Kahn’s biggest army. If you need she plays the drums, guitar, she sings or just talk to you about messages that are important for her and for everyone. I really believe that she is the sincerest person in the Hungarian music industry or at least that’s the feeling when you see her. There is a reason behind that we have to really be aware to catch her in Hungary due to the many-many international gigs, and workshops. She just wrote a song for a Hungarian, super fresh, hope to hear it on Friday.


Vera Jonas Experiment – Evergreen (OST X)

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Freakin’ Disco: Friday 00:30, Frame

Psychojazz from the future. Something more complicated to listen but it’s worth for a try, cause it’s the party most probably your children will go. Instrumental electronic music live. The music and the band are super experimental and fresh, you don’t really have a chance to compare their sound to anyone and you don’t have the chance to mix it up with someone else’s music. They are the National Jazz Fuckers as their first album’s title says so let’s see how this sexual energy os going around the concert venue.


Freakin’ Disco – Rules, Live at Bankito Festival

Recorded: Bánkitó Festival, Hungary, 14. 07. 2017. András Csizmás – bass, electronics Gábor Keresztes – keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, vocal Áron Komjáti – guitar, effects Ágoston Szabó Sipos – drums András Juhász – ledvisual Freakin’ Disco’s style is influenced by electronic music and contemporary jazz.

Fran Palermo: Saturday 21:30, Akvárium

The Grand Closing Party with one of Hungary’s youngest and most talented bands. A smaller class on the stage at the same time not making noise but making music, and Jesus what a music is that. The Latin music with indie makes almost as good energy as the guys among each other on the stage. However everyone can see that the project is about the frontman Henri Gonzo, none of the musicians are sessions and none of them looks like. Fran Palermo looks like a huge family business.


Fran Palermo ~ Bonerider (Official Audio) Lyrics: Bonerider, soul-defiler old insider, Headstone provider Parkin’ in our world like its your drive way We’ve left you a ghost town and hit the highway barb the wire, stoke that fire. Whether black or white your hood still fits, you hang and burn, enslaving kids cutting trees, claiming lands.


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After this three days, I am sure that you, either you’re Hungarian or came from or another country, will feel that how lucky we are with this bands and how thankful you are that you had your part in this experience called BUSH.


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