‘I’d play FIFA, and buy vinyls.’ Cult Q&A with TENDER

TENDER comes to play to Budapest on the 30th of April. Before our Live Event, we asked some questions about their cultural practices and Dan Cobb answered it.



Our LIVE Tour with the compilation of New Beat is reaching Round 2. So, London-based lo-fi electro duo, TENDER, is coming to town. Before the gig, we wanna ask about their cultural practices. What do they like listening to, reading or watching? So here are their answers, I mean, one of the members’, Dan Cobb’s cultural recommendation for you guys 😉


Dan Cobb /// Photo by @tenderofficialmusic / Instagram

What are you listening to now (in the past months)? What are your favourite songs, performers recently?

Over the last few months, I’ve been listening to The War on Drugs, Parcels, The Neighbourhood, Rhye, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I’ve been re-listening to the Cigarettes After Sex record recently, having toured with them previously, I didn’t listen to it for a while, but it’s a great mood-setter.


What are you reading nowadays? What is your favourite novel, an author you recommend?

I’m currently reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. My favourite book of all time is Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski. It’s a great coming of age, semi-biographical novel. Pretty mainstream but Jon Ronson is an author I’d recommend. His books are fascinating.


Do you have time watching TV-series? Which one would you recommend?

Most recently I watched Wild Wild Country on Netflix which was crazy. I’d say Handmaid’s Tale is the thing I’ve watched over the last year that has really stuck with me though. The themes and cinematography are excellent.


Do you like computer games? What will be the ‘ONE’ to play with?

I mostly play FIFA, but every now and then I’ll play something else for a few hours. I gave Fortnite a try recently and I was terrible, so gave up pretty quick. Back to FIFA.



If you have one choice to buy, what will be your selection: mp3-files, a tape (cassette) or a vinyl?

I’d buy a vinyl, because of the size of the artwork you can get and they look great framed. I did buy the Stranger Things soundtrack on cassette recently though, just because it felt more appropriate.


If you have some time to look around a place where you perform how would you spend it? (Where would you go? What would you see or check out?)

We usually only get a small window of time before we play, so we grab some food/restaurant suggestion from somebody local or working at the venue. Then we’ll head there before play. If we’ve got time for some drinks afterwards, we’ll generally do the same thing and get somebody at the show to recommend somewhere to go as they’re generally like-minded and have good knowledge of the area. If we get a rare day off in a city, we’ll try and tackle some of the main tourist hotspots, but also seek out the best places to get food and drink.


If you wanna listen to them LIVE on 30.04.2018 • JOIN our EVENT 😉 Or check their latest records, Modern Addiction LP 😉



EDITED by Károly Gergely


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