Curiosity and lots of questions: that’s ‘Yellow’

New music video by Darjeeling is a typical ‘nomen est omen’ situation. You got nothing but yellow. But in the end, we wanna ask, what’s the story all about.


It could be a Guy Ritchie movie if we covered the street signs and license plates. But it seems like this music video can easily be perceived as something merely decorative, similarly to their earlier videosDarjeeling continues to use their old recipe: we got a cool visualization with full of yellow. We got a music video but the question remains: what’s the story all about? Is it just some cool visuals to look at while listening to an mp3-song? It seems to be at first.


I want to know more and more about the storyline as I get into the video. Who’s the target they looking for? What will happen after they meet the guy? Is it just recklessness or a conscious decision? I don’t know but it definitely gets me wondering about these things.


Anyway, the quality of the sound and lyrics are the same: premium mature. No question. So if you wanna listen to them LIVE, you can do it on the 3rd of February at Robot. They will perform with Planemo and The Black Stubs.



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Penke Bence