Feel like a sci-fi? It’s just Dr. Sludgelove

When you try to reconsider a movie which is famous for 50 years, that’s a tough choice. Dr. Sludgelove tried it, so let’s see how did it work out for them.

The Dr. Sludgelove at first was a one-man project of János Papp, and the album, ‘My Space Odyssey‘ is mostly his product from the last day of 2017. Then Attila Temesvári and János Paronai joined him and they made the band ready for gigs.

And about the album, the My Space Odyssey is not a newly organized music for the whole film but the feelings what the movie is meant to create inside a watchers mind. And this is how it happened.

Dr Sludgelove – My Space Odyssey (Full Album 2017)

My Space Odyssey (2017) http://drsludgelove.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/drsludgelove/ Stoner prog sludge doom from Budapest, Hungary. ========= 1. Dawn of man 00:00 2. Discovery one 10:04 3. HAL-9000 18:40 4. Alone into the void 25:46 5. My God, it is full of stars! 31:10 6.

These six songs are the six scenes from the movie and how János reacted to them. The structure of the whole album is going well, we can feel the ups and downs. The emotional affects are pretty well organized all through the tracks.

The only thing which is an issue with this album is the progression. More precisely the absence of it. The film of Kubrick is one of the greatest movies of all time because of the unique point of views of the time it was released.

In this band, there are so much more opportunities with instrumental music than it was used, mainly because of the lack of instruments.
Keyboard and a computer the two main parts of the sci-fi music and we cannot hear it on this album and that’s the reason why I feel a bit dissatisfied.

Except that, the album is great the music is precise and we hope that with the next ones the guys try to experiment more.

So if you want to check them live you can do it on the 10th of April at S8 Underground Club or many places on the beginning of May.

Abyss [D] I Groza [D] I Lanternl I Dr Sludgelove – S8 Underground Club

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