A Hungarian guy halfway between Jack White and PJ Harvey

Written and recorded in 5 weeks at home. Kristóf Dobos’ introductory album, ‘Symbol Syndrome’ is a missing link with an atmosphere, which was missing for long.



No words. I mean literally. The brand new album of Kristóf Dobos, ‘Symbol Syndrome’ is gonna be a major one, I have to say. But DRMRZ is more than a one-man project. His songs have a very cool ambiance, and I guess, it’s a missing link in Hungary. We’ve been waiting for materials like this for so long, cause if we wanna listen to super intimate kinda tones, most of the time we must resort to foreign performers like Jack White or PJ Harvey. But now we have DRMRZ, a cool stuff with an amazing potential.


And the most fascinating is, that he recorded the whole thing alone at home, in his living room. Even if we sense the homemade feeling, it’s wow. As Kristóf mentioned to me ‘I’ve been working one, maximum two days on every song. Sometimes I recorded the soundtrack at late night, around 2-3 am in order not to break my flow.’ He also said that these songs are reflections on personal issues and social oddities from the aspects of personal relationships.


The question is what’s next, I mean, these songs need a LIVE performance. Till then you can listen to it anytime. So c’mon, give it a shot, cause it’s one of the most exciting attempts from Hungary this year. It’s for sure.



EDITED by Károly Gergely


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Balogh Roland