What’s the Story, Hungarian Underground? #2

February has passed, so what has happened inside Hungary? Here are our recommendations: Borka Balogh • Kijube • Pansy Kit • skeemers • The Tumor Called Marla.


A long, detailed review is too boring? Or you just don’t have time for reading but you wanna know who to listen to? Or you may wanna meet newcomers from Hungary? You are in the right place. Our series, What’s the Story, Hungarian Underground? recommends new materials monthly. So you can familiarise yourself with some fresh, catchy music. This time we present 5 fresh pieces of stuff – which are related mostly female artists (by Borka BaloghKijubePansy KitskeemersThe Tumor Called Marla) from February 2018. We can say, welcome to Womanhood and enjoy it.


Kijube: Silent Creatures

Kijube is an absolutely fresh duo with less than a hundred followers on Facebook. But it doesn’t mean anything, cause they released one of the most emotional singles I’ve heard in a long long time. Really. A shot to the middle of the heart at the end of a long winter, it is. Kinga Judit Bende and Viktor Sándorfi are the messengers of the Spring. All the vibes, this trip-hop kinda feeling with the collaboration of the female voice works perfectly well. But the best part is that the song is diverse enough to match with all kinda moments from touring to cooking. And that’s the magic. It’s complex but also simple enough so its rhytm will stuck in your head. It’s pop, but vintage. A major ONE, I promise.



skeemers: the venice period

I’ve been waiting for a long time for them to release their LP which was published on the last day of February. The band had a long run with its single, ‘Fairlady‘ and they seem to follow exactly this path by their new album. Tight, short rhythms are coming with some long ones, and if I mentioned the ‘Spring is coming’ feeling, you can feel the same by skeemers. Noisy, but silky guitar themes with a cool female vocal bringing some sunlight to the grey weekdays. Maybe the songs are a bit similar to each other, but it’s a cool surf(pop)rock stuff, even if I don’t like labelling it. I feel like I wanna pack my things up and drive through the country to enjoy the festival feeling. No question. My personal favourite is definitely the last track, ‘Surfboard‘. It’s good for the summer. Oh, and if you wanna check them LIVE, you can do it on the 7th of March at Toldi during their LP release SHOW.



Pansy Kit: Demo

If you think punk-rock girls are not emotional enough, you must check this. But I have to say it’s more than that. Pansy Kit is an absolutely new band by late Camp Koala’s lead singer, Lilla Neményi with Bori Nemes and Viki Philipp. They have no Facebook page, nor the pressure to post, by all means. It’s just about the music, and the most interesting part that it’s more than ordinary punk(girl) songs. It’s political, but not in an offensive, rather in a heart-gripping way. Their songs seem to be manifestos, smart statements about sexual harassment, real thoughtful stories, and lyrics. I’d say this must be the way how music should be done. Their song, ‘Fuck you‘ can be the anthem of a #metoo related campaign. So, if you wanna listen to them LIVE, you can do it on the 13th of March. They will perform with Contorture (SWE), Diskobra and Mass//Reaction at Drrpnc.



The Tumor Called Marla: Distances

The band’s new LP’s coming soon, so they released a new music video. ‘Distance‘ has a very eccentric storyboard with an awesome visionary, it’s really worth a watch. It’s like a crazy trip throughout time and alternate dimensions. The whole story is about egoism and alienation, and it seems to be a sideline story of a David Lynch movie. As they said the forthcoming materials will be the same impressions, so this music video is just the beginning. I guess it’s an impressive start. Their new album, ‘Limbo City‘ will be out in the second part of the year, hopefully in Autumn.



Borka Balogh: Traces Of You

Borka Balogh is living in Amsterdam, but her heart is full of Hungarian folk rhythms. Her songs are intimately adorable. Her debut EP, ‘Traces Of You‘ is quite a promising one. Especially if you know that it’s her first fruit. My first thoughts were: ‘How complex. How tricky. Even within one song. Despite all that, she’s another young Hungarian female singer-songwriter who comes back from abroad to conquer her ‘native’ audience. Why should they move to somewhere else to write music like that?’ If you wanna know more about her, READ our interview with Borka.



So, that’s all for now. See you at the end of March next time ?


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