What’s the Story, Hungarian Underground? #1

January has passed, so what has happened inside the Hungarian underground music scene? In a new series, we’ll introduce you to the most recent stuff.


A long, detailed review is too boring? Or you just don’t have time for reading but you wanna know who to listen to? Or you may wanna meet newcomers from Hungary? You are in the right place. We’ll start a new series – What’s the Story, Hungarian Underground?  which recommends new materials monthly. So you can familiarise yourself with some fresh, catchy music. This time we present 5 fresh songs (by Zombie GirlfriendAutopilot, Jafari, Perfect Pill, and twentees) from January 2018. Take a deep breath and enjoy it.


Zombie Girlfriend: Wind

ARGH! OMG: for f×ck sake! I wanna wake up every Monday morning like that. With these beats in my heart, in my mind! Definitely, this Song is the Major Hit of the Month. No question. It’s tight and dirty enough to keep me alive. Hard to say anything else. The band published the new song after almost 5 years – but it comes as no surprise, cause for instance, half of the formation comes from Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok, which had a very good run recently. They were more than busy. But, it seems like they had enough time to write a new LP here, luckily, which will be published in May.



Autopilot: The Great Escape

The band’s hit, ‘The Great Escape’ came third on our Song of 2016 contest a month ago. They released a new music video, and this black and white visual is works beautifully with the vibes of the song. It may be even better with this visionary motion picture. It rocks more than a boom. Oh, and great news: if you wanna see them LIVE, you can do it on 08.02.2018. at Kuplung (Budapest). They will perform with another talented formation at Úrfi‘s LP-release SHOW. 

[You can find our review of Autopilot’s LP HERE]




Jafari: All To Collapse

It’s a real metamorphosis. Kristóf Zala made totally different music not even a year ago. Now he made a brave U-turn, and Jafari was born. It’s an absolutely new voice with a bunch of R’n’B kinda characteristic. And that’s interesting. More to say, it’s a unique one, a sound which is not so common in a way he’s doing it. I hope more to follow, and we can see him performing LIVE soon. It’s worth a listen, so check out another new hit



Perfect Pill: Maze

The band will release a brand new album immediately and they premiered their LP-title song, ‘Maze’ this month. I have to say the guys got over the #postgrunge, now they clearly have their own characteristic. The noisy-dirty guitar sounds stay but the music became more sophisticated. Their next step is a new music video which has a unique storyboard: ‘Mission’ has a Scandinavian crime story scheme, and has an unordinary release SHOW on 10.02.2018. Don’t miss it, if you wanna see something special.

[If you wanna know more about Perfect Pill’s premiere, you can find HERE.]



twentees: Y

They started in English, then turned to Hungarian. Twentees has a solid run, and even though their new song has  Hungarian lyrics, it’s worth a listen, cause it’s more than a cool melodic pop song. The vibe is the bottom line, and that’s the essence of their music. If you wanna listen their forthcoming LP, check the LIVE release SHOW on 01.03.2018 at Kuplung (Budapest). They will perform with Koalabell.



So, that’s all for now. See you at the end of February next time 😉


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Balogh Roland