Heart-stirring distortion: it’s Ljubljana from Debrecen | Song of 2017

It’s funny hailing a Hungarian band from the capital of Slovenia, but they did it. Ljubljana is playing catchy guitar music & their song ‘Lost’ is on our list.



No need to write a Dostojevskij novel about Ljubljana. The band came from my hometown, Debrecen, and it has a voice that I missed for a long time. Catchy, rough & noisy guitar themes are all around us. I’ve known from the first time I listened to them this summer (at Campus Festival), that it is a voice we needed from a town which was famous for their underground scene during the ’90s.


I guess their song, ‘Lost’, is one of the most exciting records I’ve heard this year. This was one of the reasons why we decided to nominate their track to our Song of 2017 contest. I don’t wanna go into raptures over it, I think f*cking awesome says everything.



If my infos are correct they will go to studio next January recording some new material, so I’m looking forward to their new stuff. I’ve asked about their stunning nomination, and singer-guitarist, Dávid Gáll replied:


Well, we don’t have any conncetions to Ljubljana, we chose it for the sake of euphony. It goes well with the flow of our music. But we like that although you can remember (the word) easily but it’s hard to pronounce and you can always find someone who cannot describe it correctly.


So, it’s the sixth track of Song of 2017 contest, the whole list is almost complete and the most important thing: if you wanna meet the contestants, or our Crew in LIVE – Keep yourself updated: JOIN our Facebook Event, which will be the epicentre of the contest. You can find infos about the precise venue of the LAUNCHING PARTY, announcements, the bands and you will be able to VOTE there after the kick-off (till 31.12.2017.). Stay tuned & meet us on 18.12.2017.


EDITED by Károly Gergely


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Balogh Roland