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Fatherhood, lots of journeys and a long awaiting. Mongooz and the Magnet has a lot to release. So here we are, a new EP, ‘people═people’ is out now. Premiere.

Mongooz and the Magnet /// Fotó: Kránicz Richárd
Mongooz and the Magnet /// Photo by Richárd Kránicz

Mongooz and the Magnet decided to take a long pause in point of releasing new materials. I don’t even remember when was the last time they published something. But it’s definitely worth a wait an EP like this one.

The Pécs-based Norwegian-Irish-Hungarian trio became quiet a bit and then had a huge run. Magnus became a father, they’ve been traveling all around the world, touring from the demilitarized zone of the divided Koreas to the Exit Festival in Újvidék (Novi Sad).

So here they are again with a brand new EP, ‘people═people’. They introduced these 4 tracks by a cool music video of ‘Hey Boy’. It was an outstanding debut Single in a way to show that there’s no invention at all. The guys stay inside their comfort zone with all the improvements and perfections they can. And it’s the best they can do.

People═people is a classical blues-rock material with some pop vocals & modern sound design. Not mashing up new genres, but – God bless us all – it’s elegant, harmonic, nothing is exaggerated. By the way, two experienced producers – Dani Castellar (who worked with Paulo Nutini, etc.) and Gavin Fitzjohn (Manic Street Peacher, etc.) – helped to reach the final result.

To enjoy its vibe you must listen to the whole EP in one piece. Have a nice trip.

Mongooz and the Magnet – Hey Boy (Official Music Video)

Mongooz and the Magnet – Hey Boy Taken from their EP “people ═ people”, coming out November 15. Pre-order here: Follow us: Written and directed by Míra Finta and Geri Háló Cinematography: Ákos Szilágyi Starring: Vilmos Vajdai Cast: Csenge Mezei, Adél Csököly, Sára Háló Maxim Rözge, Mongooz and the Magnet Music by Mongooz and the Magnet.

If you wanna check’em LIVE these are their Tour Dates:

15.11.2019 – Pécs
22.11.2019 – Budapest (Grand EP Release Show)
23.11.2019 – Szeged
29.11.2019 – Sopron
20.12.2019 – Debrecen

Mongooz and the Magnet | EP Release Show

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