Balancing between smart and popular: Shaibo ‘Next to Me’

If you are a foreigner and you have absolutely zero knowledge about Hungary, Shaibo will be a good start. Here is the band brand-new music video. Review.



Even though it looks like that real artistic performances are not something sought after today, I really hope that in fact there is a market for true quality.


Shaibo just provided that with the first song from their upcoming album. ‘Next to Me‘ is a song which just leads us to the feelings of a relationship and a breakup. They do it in a perfect way, so no-one can really call this a dumb love song, due to the proportions. The nice melodies and the absolutely mindblowing parts just follow each other in perfect rhythm, and this is the reason why I believe that Shaibo is different. Playing with the ratios between smart jazz and absolutely easy pop is something really hard to do but it’s not a coincidence that after three years, they are one of the most interesting band in Hungary, I think.



The music video was directed by Zsófia Szigeti, the singer of the group and here the same thing happened what I just mentioned before. The audio and the visuals are not competing but supporting each other. The ambivalent feeling of the song appears perfectly on the screen, so it can cooperate with the music just like the lyrics. Everything is connected and this is why I call it art.


I really believe that Shaibo is gonna be one of the biggest success of the following years and if you don’t want to miss this check them LIVE in their next gig on 03.03.2018 at A38, Budapest. See ya there.


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Bodó Bence