Song of 2017: Which one should prevail? VOTE!

8 songs, 8 different feelings. You have the chance to decide which one should be on the top this year. Check them out & if you have your favourite, VOTE!



Wow, it’s hard to imagine but another year just passed by and here we are: Song of 2017 is just about to begin! What does it mean? We pick 8 songs now – as we did ten last year or twenty in 2015, and YOU can vote which ONE is going to be the Number 1. So, it’s a sort of competition but we also wanna show you what’s happening in the Hungarian underground & newcomer scene.


Our compilation is a representative selection based on bands mostly featured in our articles this year. It’s also important that we try to put different kinda songs – making sure that there is a diversity of genres, style, atmosphere & lyrics (and language). The winner has the chance to play at Campus Festival 2018, and also has a possibility to perform with an international formation at Dürer Kert by our collaboration with New Beat collective.


We hope you will enjoy it. So, check them out, decide & VOTE 🙂 You can do it on the bottom of the article. If you wanna keep yourself updated: JOIN our Facebook Event, which will be the epicentre of the contest. You will be able to VOTE till 31.12.2017.


Autopilot: The Great Escape

The band’s LP, ‘Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed’ is like the neighbour who you spot in the crowd, saying, ‘I know that guy’ but you don’t know where from. You take a closer look and say ‘Oh yeah, that’s him!’ Then after a while, you realize that you don’t actually know them, you are merely familiar with the idea of them. Their song, ‘The Great Escape’ is a good example of creating a short but radio-friendly rock hit.

[Our review about the LP, you can find HERE.]



Black Tones: Cheek To Cheek

After almost two years of working together and some pretty cool records, there have been no articles about these guys. Until now. Their new EP had a premiere in September. The conception of ‘Home‘ is not very different from the recordings they had done before. It has the same raw, almost live kinda sound, but it’s a bit less under-produced, sounds more like a professional recording. ‘Cheek To Cheek‘ shows us the heavier side of the band: all the instruments and also the vocals are overdriven, it takes us to a muddy, Black Keys-inspired place. 

[Read more about the premiere & the band HERE.]



DÁNÓ: B@sszunk be

His debut EP, ‘Budapest romjai’ (‘Ruins of Budapest’) is a cool concept in a way of how to behave like an ‘elegant jerk’. The lyrics are rough, sometimes too expansive and direct, but that’s the key. Talking/singing about getting drunk, having sex or meaningless self-destruction with his honesty is more than smart. This was one of the reasons why we decided to nominate his EP’s first track, ‘B@sszunk be’ (‘Get Drunk’), to our contest.

[If you wanna know more about the concept, click HERE.]



Ljubljana: Lost

It’s funny hailing a Hungarian band from the capital of Slovenia, but they did it. Ljubljana is playing catchy guitar music with a voice we needed, from a town (Debrecen) which was famous for their underground scene during the ’90s. Their song, ‘Lost’, is one of the most exciting records I’ve heard this year. This was one of the reasons why we decided to nominate their track to our contest.

[Our article about the band, you can find HERE.]



Pixel Cranes: The Void

Lo-fi project by Gergő Géczi & András Tóth has a very good run with cool ideas & visualizations for years. Their latest LP, ‘Iridescence’ is like an album constructed around a hit: ‘The Void’. If you check their previous records you can see the development of their sound creation process, and it’s really promising.

[If you wanna know more: check out our their latest review of their new material HERE.]



Sz4P: Völgy

One of the smartest & funniest Hungarian lyrics with a whack of social criticism. That’s Szabadtéri 4akkordos Performansz aka. Sz4P. Their song, ‘Völgy’ (‘Valley’) is a gauzy kinda something. Not a big deal in a way of the complexity of the message, but a cool, summer hit about festivals from a 10yrs old boyband. If I have to quote, I’d say: ‘Sweet as vodka soda’.



TEJ: Esemény után

‘Esemény után’ (‘After Affair’) is the opening song of their album, ‘Pénztelenség, Sikertelenség, Csillogás’ (‘Impecuniousness, Insuccess, Glimmering’). The lyrics are so professional, so juicy and so telling about society. It’s about an after ‘sex’ affair filled with tricky expressions. It’s more than smart, it’s art. That’s one of the reasons why this one is here.

[For more about the band HERE.]



Úrfi: Pszicho

A then solo – now band project by Bence Száraz is a concept of an audiovisual blast where the music and the lyrics are slicking into each other. He tried to tell too much sometimes and we could vanish into the woods of philosophical labyrinths. But he seems to have the potential for development, ‘Pszicho’ is a good example. It’s a song about compulsion for conformity with very clever, clear and neat lyrics.




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