Song of 2018 Contest Opens with a Live Show!

Our ‘Song of 2018’ contest will launch with a Live Show on the 18th of December! Pop by, meet the bands. YOU can also nominate a HIT which may win this year.



Wow, it’s hard to imagine but another year just passed by, and here we are: Song of 2018 is just about to begin! What does it mean? We pick 10 songs and YOU can vote – and this time, even nominate – which ONE is going to be the number 1. So, it’s a competition, but we also wanna show you what’s the story inside the Hungarian underground & newcomer scene.


Our compilation is a representative selection based on bands mostly featured on our platform this year. It’s also important that we try to put different kinda songs – making sure that there is a diversity of genres, style, atmosphere & lyrics (and language).


AND if you wanna participate directly, you can do it ➡️ You can nominate a song to the Contest. You can send the NAME and the TITLE of the song, you wanna see on the list via email ➡️;; or even on Facebook-chat till 6th of December (06/12/2018.) – The only things you must listen: the Song should from 2018, and the band’s Facebook Page must have at most 3000 likes.   


AND another important thing:


We organized a LIVE SHOW to launch the VOTE for the first time. You can meet the bands and our Crew personally on the 18th of December. The venue will be a brand-new cyclist & wine bar, VINIKLI, in the downtown of Budapest opposite to the National Museum. (Address: Múzeum krt. 27.) So it will be amazing stuff, we promise.


Keep yourself updated: JOIN our Facebook Event, which will be the epicenter of the contest. You can find info about the precise venue of the launching party, announcements, the bands and you will be able to VOTE there after the kick-off (till 31.12.2018.). Stay tuned & meet us on 18.12.2018.


Az év dala 2018 /// Song of 2018

Do you have a favourite Hungarian hit from 2018. Nominate till 6th of December. Live Vote Launching: 18.12.2018 ► Vinikli. Stay tuned, see you there & JOIN the Revolution!

EDITED by Károly Gergely


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Balogh Roland