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Ten songs, ten different feelings. You have the chance to decide which one should be on the top this year. Check them out & VOTE your favorite Hungarian Single!

It’s hard to imagine but another year just passed by and here we are: Song of 2018 is just about to begin! What does it mean? We pick 10 songs now, and YOU can vote which ONE is going to be the Number 1. So, it’s a sort of competition but we also wanna show you what’s happening in the Hungarian underground & newcomer scene.

Our compilation is a representative selection based on bands mostly featured in our articles this year with one track nominated by the Fans for the first time in our history. It’s also important that we try to put different kinda songs – making sure that there is a diversity of genres, style, atmosphere & lyrics (and language). The winner has the chance to play at Campus Festival, Művészetek Völgye Festival in 2019, and also has a possibility to perform with an international formation at Dürer Kert by our collaboration with New Beat collective.

We hope you will enjoy it. So, check them out, decide & VOTE ? You can do it on the bottom of the article. If you wanna keep yourself updated: JOIN our Facebook Event, which will be the epicentre of the contest. You will be able to VOTE till 31.12.2018.

Aviary: Beauty Queens

The guys are too young to have a decent start like that but they did it. The members of the band came from a draker, heavier genre – called metal – but it seems they can adapt the new enviroment as soon as possible. We have to notice that Aviary is our first ever FANS’ nominee. 


Our debut single Beauty Queens. Out now. Soon available on Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, Band camp and many more. Facebook: Instagram: Email address: Recorded & Mastered at Stamusic Studios by Ábel Zwickl. Special thanks to: Zsófia Mayer Daniel Ludmann Lilla Gulyás Zsolt Krasznár

Borka Balogh: Trust Me

She released her first ever EP in February. ‘Borka Balogh is living in Amsterdam, but her heart is full of Hungarian folk rhythms. Her songs are intimately adorable’ we wrote about her debut.

[Read more about the Borka & her debut HERE.]

Borka Balogh – Trust Me (Official Audio)

Official Audio of “Trust Me” by Borka Balogh, featured on her debut EP “Traces Of You” to be released in February 2018.

DRMRZ: Lines

Kristóf Dobos aka DRMRZ is a missing link with an atmosphere, which was rare in Hungary for long. It’s one of the most interesting concept of 2018. It’s worth a listen.

[If you wanna know more about the concept, click HERE.]

DRMRZ – III /Lines/

DRMRZ on: Facebook: Insragram: Spotify: Bandcamp: Lyrics: Don’t you dare calling me With that shallow hatered in your voice I’ve already got enough of this Frequency It was only the temptation that led the boys The apple biting tendency Breeze came down from the hills Where

Jafari: All To Collapse

Zala Kristóf aka Jafari started something new this year, and this R’n’B kinda hiphop is also not so common. He made a brand-new music video for his song, so you must check it out.

[For more about Jafari, click HERE.]

Jafari – All To Collapse (Official Music Video)

Music by Jafari DJ: Elek András Mixing & mastering: Zwickl Ábel Video recording & editing:

Kijube: Silent Creatures

Kijube is a fresh formation, all their vibes, this trip-hop kinda feeling with the collaboration of the female voice works perfectly well. They released some hits till this February. It’s absolutely worth a listen.

[For a bit more about them, click HERE.]

Kijube – Silent Creatures (Song of 2018 nominee)

Wow, we are honored to be nominated for the Song of 2018 award by Ígéretes titánok/Promising Titans. Event: Kijube is a multidimensional electric trip music duo from Budapest. Vocals and Lyrics: Kinga Judit Bende Music and drums, mixing, mastering, video: Viktor “Sándorfi Recorded by: Kijube Special thanks to Tez Katajala.

lastdayflyers: Roses to My Face

Whatta a stoner! No question, it’s one of the dirtiest track on our list this year. It’s definitely worth a listen.

lastdayflyers – ldf EP- 01 Roses to my face

Íme az első Ep első száma! Hálásan köszönjük Szappan István segítségét, aki önzentlenül támogatott minket és minden hülyeségünket komolyan vette! Here’s the first Ep first song! Thank you very much for the assistance of István Szappan, who has self-reliantly supported us and has taken our dumbness all the time!

Madrapur: Semmi

Madrapur is a cool alt-punk stuff with important critical aspects. Check’em out. You’ve no need to understand the lyrics, just enjoy the rythm. 🙂


MP3/WAV letöltés: Spotify: iTunes: Deezer: Facebook: Instagram: Weboldal: Szabados Gábor: ének / gitár Kozma Máté: ének / gitár Ferencz Bence: bass Nagy Gábor: dobok Mix & Master: Lázár Domokos Producer: Lázár Domokos, Szabados Gábor Videó: Ujfalusi Bettina, Szabados Gábor rosszul vagyok, megin’ azt érzem nem hallom, hogy mit csinál a forgatag itt körülöttem az agyam úgy döntött, hogy kiszáll csak én vagyok, csak én vagyok lent körülöttem nincsen senki más csak én vagyok, csak én vagyok lent alattam nincsen semmi átjössz vagy átmenjek?

The California Nightmares: 4AM Gyros

They are outrageously young and they recorded a cheeky EP. Three high school guys formed a catchy, surf rock band, The California Nightmares and it was their debut.

[Read more about their debut HERE.]

The California Nightmares – 4AM Gyros

Soundcloud | | Bandcamp | The California Nightmares is a garage-punk rock band from Budapest, Hungary founded in 2017. ‘RIGHTS” is the band’s first EP, out on 31st of May, 2018 ‘4AM GYROS’ is the first song on the EP.

The Royal Freak Out: New Transmission

They don’t care about trends and formats. This is their spirit. The heavily guitar-based band, The Royal Freak Out released their latest album after almost 3 years.

[If you wanna READ more about their LP, check out our review about it.]

The Royal Freak Out – New Transmission (official audio)

The Royal Freak Out’s New Transmission form the new album A Step Beyond the Fading Line (2018.)


Debut album, ‘1’ by TPSRPRT is a real headshot and one of the best guitarstuff in 2018. Check’em out!

TPSRPRT – Dusty (official video)

Made by 2dkru (David Mikulan, David Gutema) Special thanks: Bakos Barna and all the bois n gurls 2018 rip Kálmi

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