Song of 2021: Which One Should Prevail? Vote!

Ten songs, ten different feelings. You have the chance to decide which one should be on the top this year. Check them out & VOTE your favorite Hungarian Single!

Grafika/design: Juhász László
Graphics/Desing by László Juhász

It’s hard to imagine but another, also not an easy year just passed by and here we are: Song of 2021 is just about to begin! What does it mean? We pick 10 songs now, and YOU can vote which ONE is going to be the Number 1. So, it’s a sort of competition but we also wanna show you what’s happening in the Hungarian underground & newcomer scene.

Our compilation is a representative selection based on bands mostly featured in our articles this year. It’s also important that we try to put different kinda songs – making sure that there is a diversity of genres, style, atmosphere & lyrics (and language). The winner has the chance to make a new music video by the guidance of our team.

We hope you will enjoy it. So, check them out, decide & VOTE ? You can do it on the bottom of the article. If you wanna keep yourself updated: JOIN our Facebook Event, which will be the epicentre of the contest. You will be able to VOTE till 31.12.2019.

Berta Lami: Nyílik

Visonary and elegant folk-kinda new wave.

Captain Average: In The Post-Future

Post-punkish nostalgic reloaded.

Cheap & Cheerful: By Your Side

Crazy guitar-tsunami’s on the rise.

Known Bug: Bleep Bloop Boi

Joke-electro at first, but it’s more than that.

Kolibri: Zöldeskék

Renewable Hungarian alternative stuff in an interesting new path.

Kozmofobe: Last Day of My Life

A personal confession with oratoric catharsis.

Moped Loewen: Run

Jazz-based crazy miracle.

Pandóra Projekt: csirkefogó

A cool ‘neo folk-song’ with the anatomy of relationships.

Solére: Üveghegy

Modern R&B with trap and mopy instrumentation.

The Apes: Water Seeds

Another crazy guitar-tsunami with a very strong instrumentation.


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Balogh Roland