Teen girls aware! Here comes the Steal The Lights

Do you have a teen daughter? Don’t let her read this article. Hungarian band, Steal The Lights has a strong kickoff with a viral, pure & young pop-rock thing.


Steal The Lights /// Photo by Dániel Révész


Have you ever had the feeling that listening to the first few secs of a song and like: ‘Oh, this is gonna be a hit?’ This is exactly the case with Hungarian band, Steal The Light’s debut single, ‘Friendzone’. Their career was off to a strong start: formed this February, nine months later the band signed to 1G Records label, released their EP and a music video for Friendzone premiered on the Hungarian public broadcaster, Petőfi TV and then on a music blog, Lángoló Gitárok.


This band doesn’t offer heavy solos or deep political lyrics: Steal The Light is a pure pop-rock thing. It’s perfect, in a way that all the songs from their EP, ‘Way To Madness’ have good & soft vibes, stories about girls, love, being young, etc. They are good looking with a sense of style, but not in a ‘UK Boyband’ way. Their songs won’t save the world, but they definitely have a chance of conquering it!


The music video, ‘Friendzone’ is a smart way to introduce yourself on Youtube to the world. It is actually a ‘behind the scenes’ kinda video, which puts us in the fortunate situation to see both their ‘brand’ and their real-life alter egos. And to be honest, it works! Just think how a 14-16-year-old girl would watch this video, and you get it.



The song itself is a masterpiece in its own way: energetic chorus, cool verses, as it supposed to be. It is driven by the relatively strong guitar themes, the synth really gives it the softer/younger stuff sound, and just take a look at the drums’ track. High-quality content, I can assure you!


If these guys can keep up the hard work and have enough energy to carry on as they started, they can have a bright future. They’ll sure be stealing all the lights needed for that.


EDITED by Károly Gergely


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Penke Bence