If you wanna check out some cool Hungarian bands at Sziget Festival. Click here!

Are you interested in some local taste? You are in the right place, here is our recommendation of Hungarian bands. Sziget Festival menu for foreigners.


I know, Sziget is not about Hungarian bands, but if you wanna listen and check out some promising local stuff, here is a list. I selected formations operating with English lyrics because I know our language is so-so-so-so-so-so strange (and harder to learn than Chinese & Japanese together) and unique (probably only aliens from Mars can understand it) but I recommend an absolutely weird Hungarian time-travel stuff at the end.


Petőfi Rádió – Telekom VOLT Fesztivál Stage


Dope Calypso – Friday, 4.30pm


Powerpunk-stylish crazy hardshit. No words for it, just go and enjoy the feeling. They are absolutely insane, it will be more than a simple gig.



Middlemist Red – Friday, 6pm


One of the most promising bands now, I presume. They are developing from song to song. Checking out their latest album, ‘Ripple Soul’ is an absolute must!



Fran Palermo – Saturday, 7.45pm


They started 5 years ago and they are growing fast. They are really cool with a very interesting & multilayered sound.



The Qualitons – Sunday, 4.30pm


Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers saw them last autumn in Budapest and he loved them! I guess it’s worth a try, they are very energetic live.



Európa Stage


Ivan & The Parazol – Thursday, 11pm


Pure, awesome rock & roll from the ’70s with modern vibes and spices. They wrote & performed the Official Anthem of Sziget Festival in 2014. They started with English lyrics, now bilingual but even if you don’t understand some of the lyrics, you must check’em out.



Music Box Stage


I Am Soyuz – Saturday, 5pm


If you like singer-songwriter kinda music, check her out. A bit sad sometimes but don’t be afraid of it, it won’t hurt.



Snowattack Retro Stage (!)


So. If you wanna feel the Hungarian discoshit of the ’90s, you definitely must be here after 11pm. You don’t have to know anything or understand even a word of it, just watch & listen. Feel the vibe. I guess it will be one of the weirdest experiences in your whole life. To know what is all about, check this:



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Balogh Roland