Neither Goulash Nor the Girls – Hungary, You Must Know: Sziget Edition

Coming all the way to check the Sziget feeling? You also would like to know something about Hungary? The best way to know a nation is through their music.

Hungary? Bucharest? No, it’s Budapest. You know Puskás, Rubik’s cube, and Sziget.  Only two days and the week why most of the foreigners come to our country begins. Do you want to feel something Hungarian but you are not planning to leave the festival? Don’t worry, there is gonna be a bunch of awesome Hungarian bands during these seven days. Let’s see what you gonna show to your friends at home as a band you just checked during Sziget and worth it.

Let’s start with Thursday a day after Ed Sheeran made your heart nice and warm but you wish to listen to something different, something not so pop. 9 pm at Magic Mirror and Mayberian Sanskülotts is the band you have to check. Experimental dream pop, as they say, something new you want to listen to for sure.

Akarat | Mayberian Sanskülotts

Mayberian Sanskülotts – AKARAT Rendezte, filmezte és vágta: Gidéo A zenét keverte: WaTa Köszönet nektek: Adorján Zalán, Bárdits Éva, Edőcs Katalin, Erdélyi Emese, Foitl Anna, Foitl Rebeka, Gál Zsuzsanna, Gulyás Márton, Kovács Brigitta, Körmendi András, Maly Róbert, Müszi, Orosz Anna, Pozsonyi Janka, Sallai László. 2013.

Technically on Friday but it counts as a Thursday night when you go to the Petőfi Radio – Telekom Volt Stage to catch Ivan & The Parazol from 00:30. Hungarian beat music with a huge amount of ’60’s vibe in it. Their latest record the Exotic Post Traumatic was recorded in Los Angeles just to make sure to give some more American feeling to their music.


Ivan & The Parazol – “NR. 1003” Taken from the new studio album “EXOTIC POST TRAUMATIC” out on the 22th of March 2019.

Friday is the day of a 33% Hungarian bands. On the Europe Stage from 4:30 pm the Mongooz and the Magnet gonna make you dance. The trio includes a Dutch, an Irish and a Hungarian guy. If you will be walking around you will stop here for sure, there is no chance that you can skip that bluesy pop-rock what they do.

Frankfurt Rooftop Sessions – Dreamy Eyes – Mongooz and the Magnet

Filmed live with 2 iphones on the roof of A&O Hostel in Frankfurt. Mixed and edited in the tour bus. With thanks to Gigmit, A&O Hostels Frankfurt, Pécsi-Szabó Dénes and Soltész Péter.

A little gap after Mongooz so you have time to be in front of Petőfi Radio –Telekom Volt Stage at 7:45 pm when the Fran Palermo gonna start their show. After a trio, you can check one of the biggest band in Hungary with 9 people on the stage. Some afro beats, some indie guitars and zero chance to say a genre. This is Fran Palermo.

Fran Palermo ~ Demons On The Beach (Official Video)

‘Demons On The Beach’ by Fran Palermo In the afternoon When I went out to see the sights to tranquilize.

An avenue which is not suggested by anyone in the Global Village, although this place also offers a lot to see. Lajkó Félix with a violin for example from 11:15 pm. Something closer to the traditional Hungarian music but still far from it. You don’t have to expect something boring this performance will guide you through music genres and a psychedelic journey.

Lajkó Félix feat. Adam Ben Ezra – Can’t Stop Running

‘Can’t Stop Running’ by Adam Ben Ezra Félix Lajkó and Adam Ben Ezra Jamming in Budapest Félix invited Adam during his Europe tour to jam with him in Budapest. Listen to this experiment! Camera: K. Kovacs Ákos Editing: Boris Kopilovic Recorded, mixed by Márton Kopcsik Recorded in Bresaola Studios Budapest, 2018.

On Saturday you can see the band which is better known in Europe than in Hungary. On the Europe Stage from 4:30 pm Belau’s chill pop is the best way to relax but kinda start to feel the festival again. They played at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona as well, so the biggest festivals trust them, why don’t you?


The budapest-based electronica duo, Belau now returns with a heartwarming new single from the upcoming and long-awaited sophomore full-length featuring the legendary Sophie Barker from UK, who was best known from one of the band’s top inspirational record, ‘Simple Things’ by Zero 7. Scroll down for the details!

Still not the biggest party music but it’s true that 7:45 pm is still not the hardcore party time. Platon Karataev starts at that time on the Petőfi Radio – Telekom Volt Stage. They started as an acoustic duo but then two new members joined so they have the opportunity to play on huge stages. And they take this opportunity every time and there is no chance that you gonna feel sorry that you missed something because of them. Trust me, and mainly if you like Mumford and Sons, you gonna love them.

Platon Karataev – Ocean (Official Music Video)

‘Ocean’ is the first song of Platon Karataev’s upcoming ‘Atoms’ LP. The song was written and performed by Gergely Balla, Sebestyén Czakó-Kuraly, Soma Bradák, and András Jáky as Platon Karataev. Director: Emőke Dobos Starring: Attila Vidnyánszky Jr. Cinematography: Máté Bartha, Máté Fuchs, Máté Kőrösi Editor: Emőke Dobos Color Grading: Máté Szombath Concept: Emőke Dobos Special thanks to The National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

If you believe that Hungarians don’t even have party music then you’re wrong. From 11:00 pm on Europe Stage, Mörk. You will blow your mind. Pure dance music, but not the EDM kind. Funk, neo-soul or as they say psychedelic-soul is what they play. From German jazz fests to Hungarian pop festivals they have a huge success and they will steal your heart for sure.

Mörk – You and Me (Live at Leverkusener Jazztage)

We recorded this song live at Leverkusener Jazztage 2018 which was an absolutely incredible experience for us! ‘The Resurrection Of Mörk’, the second part of our new album is coming out on the 21st of April 2019 with a release show on the great A38 Ship! Come and see us live!

The fifth day you probably tired and Sunday is the day of rest. But not on Sziget. You only have three days left I am sure you don’t want to miss anything so get your ass up and at 7:45 pm be on Telekom Volt Stage where Anima Sound System starts. An electronic performance but not the kind you gonna get from the Colosseum and also not the Main Stage kind. Something special something Anima. Sounds like a pretty cheesy ad but it’s true.

Anima Sound System – Crossroads

Anima Sound System: Crossroads (Official Video) Written and Produced by Gergely Németh and Zsolt Prieger Mastering: Gábor Deutsch (Anorganik) The Video Directed by: Loránd Balázs Imre Cinematography and Editing by: Csaba Hernáth Produced by: László Józsa Speak Easy Project 2014 Lyrics: get up early morning get home in the evening

Monday is the last when I offer you chances to see some Hungarian gigs. From 6:30 pm Apey acoustic at Ticketswap Music Box. A real metalhead who is singing blues and many other songs from the deepest part of your soul. You need to catch this to get a ride on an emotional rollercoaster, something that you can carry home not just the fact that you’ve seen it. So you have to check Apey.

Apey – Flying to Alaska | soundcity:szeged

A soundcity:szeged bemutatja: Apey – Flying to Alaska Helyszín: Miracle Sound Operatőr: Kozák Máté Hang: Vári Gábor Producer: Rácz Roland Grafika: Zsarnóczay Zita Kedvelj minket Facebookon: Kövesd blogunkat: Kövess minket Instagramon:

The last Hungarian thing to listen to is the Parno Graszt & Bohemian Betyars performance in Global Village at 11:15 pm. It is the closest performance to the classic traditional Hungarian music but mixed with some punk rock. Parno Graszt is a traditional gypsy folk band if you combine this with the rebellious folk-punk Bohemian Betyars you get something really exciting. You also have to feel lucky because they only play this show a few times and you have the opportunity to see it.

Bohemian Betyars & Parno Graszt – Megjöttek a fiúk – Live @ Budapest Park, Hungary 2018

Bohemian Betyars & Parno Graszt – Megjöttek a fiúk Live @ Budapest Park, Hungary 2018 BAND: Dániel Dankó – drums Sándor Horváth – spoon István Németh – churn Máté Mihályfi – guitar Krisztián Muhari – trumpet Levente Szűcs – acoustic guitar, vocals József Oláh – tambura, vocals Máté Palágyi –

This is your Hungarian menu for the next week if you go home no one can say that you haven’t seen anything Hungarian. You will see our best part, our music, so don’t miss it.

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