Best Of Promising Titans: This Was 2019!

Just hours left until we learn which Single is the winner of our Song of 2019 contest. Before that, we take a look at what happened to us this year. Summary.

OMG! It’s hard to imagine but another year just passed by, so – just hours before the end of our Song of 2019 contest – we decided to take a quick summary of what happened to us during this year.

I’m also happy that after years of tough struggle, we have a cool authorial collective now. So without the the cinematography & background work of Dorina Balsay, the articles of Bence Bodó, Bence Penke and the photos of Gergely Hikisch and Soma Penke, we couldn’t achieve this years’ stats:

• 148 Unique Articles
• 22k Unique Readers
• 24 ‘Fű alatt’ Vlog Episodes (Sorry, just only Hungarian)
• 28k Unique Video View
• 195 Hungarian Bands
• 68 International Performers
• 25 Exclusive Premieres
• 33 Reviews

Sorry about not being so active in the English articles’ front. But we promise – 2020 will be even more catchy and even more rocking. We do our best to create prime content for you guys. I hope you enjoyed this year, keep coming back – follow and read us on next year as well. Before that, if you missed it, check out our Song of 2019 top 10 and VOTE HERE 😉

Song of 2019: Which One Should Prevail? Vote! | Ígéretes titánok

Ten songs, ten different feelings. You have the chance to decide which one should be on the top this year. Check them out & VOTE your favorite Hungarian Single!

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Balogh Roland