Dánó shows us how to be an ‘elegant jerk’ | Song of 2017

Our ‘Song of 2017’ contest is coming soon, and here is a brand-new track from our list. Dánó’s rough but smooth EP is a very cool concept, no way to miss it.



It’s hard to say anything about a music material with Hungarian lyrics to a person, who cannot understand our language. Even if I know that it’s almost a mission impossible, I have to say some words about a brand-new track by DÁNÓ. His debut EP, ‘Budapest romjai’ (‘Ruins of Budapest’) is a cool concept in a way of how to behave like an ‘elegant jerk’.  The lyrics are rough, sometimes too expansive and direct, but that’s the key. Talking/singing about getting drunk, having sex or meaningless self-destruction with the honesty like he’s doing is more than smart. Without these kinda lyrics we can only talk about a fair, but not so outstanding post-neo-punk EP.


But Dani Borbás’ concept was creating roughly worded, explicit songs – because he believes that we must give voice to the bullshit surrounding us. ‘It’s not awkward saying these kinda tensions. You won’t be a worse person if you don’t lie to yourself for a moment.’ – he explains.


So, his frankness takes his EP only so far but so does the neverending game between the rough lyrics and the smart, acute and crafted music. You can feel the harmony between them even if you cannot understand anything. That was one of the reasons why we decided to nominate his EP’s first track, ‘B@sszunk be’ (‘Get Drunk’), to our Song of 2017 contest. You can listen it and then check the whole material, it’s worth a listen. 



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EDITED by Károly Gergely


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Balogh Roland