California is just a sec away

They are outrageously young and they recorded a cheeky EP. Three high school guys formed a catchy, surf rock band, The California Nightmares and this is their debut.


The California Nightmares /// Photo by Mátyás Kismartoni


It’s nice to see when three high-school guys decide to form a band and playing music just for fun. Moreover, it’s cool when their music is catchy enough to listen. So, that’s the situation with the brand-new formation, The California NightmaresLevi Virág (guitar, vocals), Levi Király (drums) and Dani Komjáthy (guitar) started just a few months ago, but their debut EP, ‘Rights‘ has a very cool vibe. They get on the train of the Hungarian surf-rock ‘revolution’, I have to say. In this wave, you can find some interesting bands, like Panel Surfers and skeemers, who started their careers recently.


Anyway, it doesn’t matter, the most important part is that their songs are really fascinating, good starters to the summer. My personal favourite is ‘Carpool‘, but if you have some memories of eating a kebab (gyros in Hungary) at after partying hard, you will enjoy the song, ‘4AM Gyros‘. So, check out the debut EP of the band. If you wanna listen to them LIVE, you can catch’em on the 10th of June at the ‘beachy’ place, Valyo kikötő. They will play alongside with the skeemers 🙂



EDITED by Károly Gergely


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Balogh Roland