Vanishing Point line-up is like Russian roulette

Only one week left and one of Hungary’s most exciting guitar-based Festival is about to begin. It’s hard to choose but here are the foreign performers to catch.



It will be only the second one, but guitar and electro-based Vanishing Point Festival – masterminded by Hungarian band, Middlemist Red – is more than promising. I mean, they started only last year, but the line-up seems to be awesome. And here comes the BREAKING NEWS, you can find the whole time- and stage table of all the six foreign performers. Check it out! And don’t forget, see you on 06/10 at Dürer Kert, Budapest. (WARNING! As I mentioned in the main title, it will be a real Russian roulette, it’s hard to choose which bands to miss.)



The Wytches (UK) – 10pm-11pm

Melancholic but not sad, that’s The Wytches. They are eclectic, and you will love it. Founded in 2011, the band released their debut album, ‘Annabel Dream Reader‘ in August 2014. It reached number 50 in the UK Albums Chart. Their second album, ‘All Your Happy Life‘ came out in September 2016. It will be a perfect warm-up show before the last one at the Main Stage.


Bass Drum Of Death (US) – 11.30pm-00.30am

One of the few gigs you can catch ’em in Europe is at Vanishing Point. So it’s one of the reasons you definitely cannot miss the Festival. The 10yrs old band released their latest studio album, ‘Just Business‘ only two months ago. That’s another reason to attend. They have a Hungarian connection – Iván Vitáris from Ivan & The Parazol told the story during our interview 🙂 So, no question, if you are a huge fan of the Psy-guitar scene, you must listen to them LIVE.



ROOM 041

Wolf People (UK) – 9pm-10pm

If I have to choose one band, I pick Wolf People. Their song, ‘Night Witch‘ is one of my personal favourites.


Soviet Soviet (IT) – 10.30pm-11.30pm

I have an Italian musician friend who told me all the time, that ‘the problem of Italy is that it’s the country of Cover Bands – no underground’, he complained every time we met. Luckily, I can tell that not only cover bands are coming from Italy: Soviet Soviet is a good example. I saw them live in a showcase festival earlier, so I can tell you, you must check them out. It will be like a cool road trip.




Ogrom Circus (DE) – 5.30pm-6.15pm

If you prefer adagio, these German guys will be your perfect match for the night. It’s hard to define their style or genre, but it’s not needed. They arrive from Dresden and hopefully they’ll play their upcoming new Single which will be released very soon 😀


Paul Cherry (US) – 9pm-9.45pm

He seems like a love-child of an ’80s kinda series soundtrack and a cartoon meme. So does his music. Okay, you will understand what I’m talking about if you watch Cherry’s music video below. Anyway, he has a cool vintage vibe you should admire.



So that’s the menu for Next Saturday. It’s been really hard to choose, I admit, but see ya there. Oh, if you don’t register, you can check the Festival’s Facebook Event out HERE ➡️


Vanishing Point 2018


EDITED by Károly Gergely


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