Ljubljana won Song of 2017 contest

WOW: it was a tough one. Again. Ljubljana, a promising psy-noise rock band from Debrecen, won our third Song of the Year contest with its Single, ‘Lost’.


Ljubljana: Dávid Gáll (vocals, guitar), Barnabás Fekete (drums), Dávid Vitányi (bass) and Levente Budai (guitar)


It was almost the same as in 2016 (or even in 2015) – after the activity of the beginning, the last day of our Song of 2017 contest’ voting turned out to be a mad race for the first place. It seemed that band, TEJ could win its cool hit with a Hungarian lyrics (for the first time in our History), but everything turned upside-down when promising psy-noise rock band from Debrecen,


Ljubljana won this year title with its catchy Single, ‘Lost’


It was a tough one and we have to congratulate every band – TEJ, Autopilot, Sz4P, Pixel Cranes, Black Tones, DÁNÓ, and Úrfi – for the attendance. It was more than a competition, we also wanted to show you what was happening in the Hungarian underground & newcomer scene in 2017. So our compilation was a representative selection based on bands mostly featured in our articles last year. It was also important that we tried to put different kinda songs – making sure that there is a diversity of genres, style, atmosphere & lyrics (and language).


I guess we did it. (It’s funny to see that a psy-noise rock band won the third time in a row after Deep Glaze and DLRM.) Thanks for your votes, I hope you enjoyed it. So see’ya Ljubljana’s playing at Campus Festival 2018, and also performing this year with an international formation at Dürer Kert by our collaboration with New Beat collective.


So nothing left just listening to the winner – if you missed it before. Have a cool 2018 and read & follow us 🙂



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Balogh Roland